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Igor Nikiforovych Dudar

is a doctor of engineering sciences, professor.

He was born on 2nd January 1948, graduated from faculty of Industrial a Civil Construction of Odessa State Engineer Construction Institute. Specialty is Construction Engineer. 1971-1975 worked as heard of department in executive officer in system of Ministry of Industrial Construction of Ukraine in Vinnitsa. He led the construction of Vinnitsa Prosthetic Factory and additional building to block 0 of Vinnitsa Polytechnic Institute, Chemical Factory resort and other buildings in Vinnitsa. 1977-1980 studied at post graduate studentship VPI. In 1981 Mr. Dudar supported of a candidate thesis. In 1985 he is reader of chair Construction Production Technology. In 1988 he finished French languages Course at Kiev National University and was deployed to Tunisia where as a professor of Technical University lectured in French till 1982. Since 1993 worked over doctor thesis, which was successfully supported in 2000. Scientific direction new thermodynamic technology of products from special concretes. 2002 received title of professor of the chair of Industrial and Civil construction. Incumbent member Construction Academy of Ukraine. Head of Urban Construction and Architecture. Author of 7 scientific monographs, 7 reference books, 15 patents on inventions, published, over 140 scientific works, prepared scientific monographs on several articles in French. Address: Voiniv Internationalist in Street, 7, Vinnitsa 21020 Ukraine.

E-mail: dudar@svitonline.com



Livinskiy Alexander

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor.

Since 1994 - The first vice-president of the Academy of Construction of Ukraine and, simultaneously, has been appointed director of the Scientific and Technical Center by OMB. Since 2001 - Vice-President of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, and since 2001 - Honorary Member of the Ukrainian Academy of Architecture. In 2004 he was elected academician of International Academy of Ecology and life safety (MANEB). A. Livinskaya member of the Specialized Scientific Council Protection theses at VNTU. Honored Builder of Ukraine since 1996 Distinguished Inventor of the USSR in 1987., Winner of Ukraine State Prize in Science and Technology (2000) The Medal "Plato" (2003), the Lomonosov Moscow State University in 2005, Russia for his contribution to science), a medal for scientific achievement , Medal academician Budnikova.



Ocheretnoi Vladimir Petrovich

Doctor of Technical Sciences, assistant professor of TPA Dean SSM

Born July 14, 1952 in v.Gorodkovtsy, Kryzhopol district, Vinnitsa region. In 1969, pp. 10klassov graduated, then went to vocational school, worked, served in the army. In 1975 came, and in 1980 graduated from the Vinnitsa Polytechnic Institute, majoring in construction engineering. In 1980-1981. Worked as an engineer in the department of capital construction Hmelnikskogo machine works. From 1981 to now work in VNTU. The research in engineering science part, junior researcher, graduate student. In 1988 master's thesis at Rostov on Don, Civil Engineering Institute. Over time assistant, senior lecturer, and since 1992 - Associate Professor. Author of 2 scientific benefits, 9 copyright certificates and patents, 18 scientific and methodological developments, 72 scientific publications. am engaged in research technology of building materials, a member of a specialized council for the protection K.05.052.04 PhD theses. I read the course "Building Materials", "production base construction", "Evaluation of land and real estate." Since 1989. Served as assistant dean of the Faculty of Construction, Deputy Director IInCETPEGS with scientific and methodical robots. Since 2005, the Dean of the Faculty of Construction and Construction Management. Address: st. Voinov Internationalistov 7, Vinnitsa, 21021, Ukraine. Tel.: 59-81-47, 50-51-97.

E-mail: ocheret@inbtegp.vstu.vinnica.ua



Litvinov Anatoliy

K.arh, associate professor, deputy chief architect of Vinnitsa. Main educational disciplines: urban planning, interior design, artistic design and technical aesthetics, architectural and artistic design with the use of information technology. The main area of scientific interests: Architecture and urban planning and research. Total number of publications - 57.



Smolyak Vladimir

Senior lecturer TPA

Born 25 May 1948. He graduated from the Architecture Faculty of the Lviv Polytechnic Institute in 1972. Worked for the direction of the teacher spetsdystsyplin in Vinnitsa Construction College until 1975. 1975-76 year - teacher of Vinnitsa Railway College. Since 1976 - Senior Lecturer, Vinnitsa State Technical University. Teaching experience is combined with scientific and engineering activities. The main direction of scientific work - a study of the evolution of the national housing Podolia. Over the copyright of an architectural project built more than 30 buildings dwelling houses and civilian purpose. Published 12 methodical instructions, 1 manual and 22 scientific articles. Member of National Union of Architects and Urbanists Ukraine. Address: st. Warrior Internationalistov 7, Vinnitsa, 21021, Ukraine. Tel.: 59-83-48.



Kowalskiy Viktor

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Senior lecturer in TPA.

In 1999 graduated from the Vinnitsa State Technical University with a degree in Industrial and civil construction. Main educational disciplines: "Building materialoznavstvo", "Urban Management and Monitoring", "production base construction" and "architecture of buildings and structures. Research interests: use of industrial wastes in building materials. He defended his thesis on "The carbonate in the concrete gold cement binder, a modified alkaline alyumoferritnoy addition of" specialty 05.23.05 - Building materials and products.

Number of scientific publications: 14 of them 1 monograph and 2 patents. Address: st. Internationalistov Warriors 7, Vinnitsa, 21021, Ukraine. Tel.: 59-85-39

E-mail: VNTY-Kovalskiy@yandex.ru



Zagreb Vasily Petrovich

Born January 31, 1953 graduated from Vinnitsa Polytechnic Institute, Department of industrial and civil construction, specialty - engineer. Since 1979. in 1994., 1998-2001. worked in Vinnitsa Polytechnic Institute with a Doctor of Technical Sciences, associate professor. 1994-2007 - Work at work in various positions of construction and design organizations. Author of 50 publications and inventor's certificates.






Vitaliy Shvets

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Senior lecturer in TPA.

Born July 23, 1977. In 1996 he graduated from the Vinnitsa Civil Engineering, specializing in water supply and drainage. "That same year, entered the Vinnitsa State Technical University on specialty" Industrial and civil construction. "After the magistrate VDTU, from 2001 to 2004 he studied in graduate school VNTU. Since 2004 worked as an assistant of the department "of urban planning and architecture." Published 10 scientific papers, of which 4 in the professional literature in Ukraine.

Address: st. Voinov Internationalistov 7, Vinnitsa, 21021, Ukraine. Tel.: 44-03-48.




Krivenko Liliya

assistant lecturer TPA

Main educational disciplines: technology of urban development, transport routes and communications, urban development environment, city management, energy efficiency of buildings and structures., Architecture buildings and structures. Field of scientific interests: technology and finishing works.

Number of scientific publications: 7, including declarative patent for an invention, the manual: "The technology of roofing work.



Potapova Tatiana Eduardovna

Assistant lecturer TPA

Main educational disciplines: technology of constructing buildings and structures; complex reconstruction of urban development, integrated development of urban territorial. Research interests: technology and finishing works using decorative solutions, monolithic house building. Number of scientific publications: 24 of them 1 monograph and 1 patent for utility model. Address: st. Warrior Internationalistov 7, Vinnitsa, 21021, Ukraine.




Prilipko Tatyana Vladimirova

Assistant lecturer TPA

Main educational disciplines: Technology of building production, reconstruction of urban development, operation, retention and repair of housing stock. Research interests: The economic-technological research construction of low-rise buildings pantastiko elements. Number of scientific publications: 27 of them 1 monograph and 2 patents for utility model. Address: st. Internationalistov Warriors 7,Vinnitsa, 21021, Ukraine.




Ilya Malevany Aksentevich

Head laboratories Department TPA.

Born on 01.08.1946 in the village Rubanov, Nemirivskogo district, Vinnitsa region. From 1953 to 1964 he studied at Rubanskoy secondary school. From 1964 to 1967, student Nemirovsky Construction College in Vinnitsa region. Higher education in Vinnitsa Polytechnic Institute. From 1967 to 1969 served in the Soviet Army. From 1970 to 1980 - the master, superintendent, foreman, factory units "Vinnitsapromstroy. From 1980 to 1999 - the school master, engineer, chief engineer, head of the laboratories FS, renamed in 1994 in Vinnitsa State Technical University. From 1999 to 2007 - Vice-President and Director of OJSC "AK Inzhsetstroy" with a base in Nadym (Russia). From 2008 to the present time - an engineer and head of the department laboratories ILL VNTU. Address: st. Internationalistov Warriors 7, Vinnitsa, 21021, Ukraine.