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The history of department


Urban construction becomes the factor, which provides developing new territories talking into consideration state interest in the condition of the market in Ukraine.

Nowadays the central system management of cities and territories development weakens, therefore value of the professional knowledge and qualities of all taking part in elaboration and realization of projects decisions in urban construction increases. The future of development of the local urban construction activity to some degree will depend on maintenance of the staff, which will have special preparation.

Vinnitsa National Technical University opened a new specialty The Urban construction and economy. Our prime goals are creation of all conditions that qualification of our future specialists corresponds to modern requirements. Thats why the chair UBA was created in our university.

Its main task is creation conditions for a high quality preparation of the bachelors and specialists of this brunch. We consider that after formation of the chair and its staff supply of corresponding experts, our chair will be able to assist in issue of development Vinnitchina settlements and also holding of seminars dedicated of this problem.

The preparation of architectural specialists in our university would be an important direction in perspective. In this direction, we consider, it rational to develop connection with the chair of Kiev National University of Building and Architecture, which is the leader in Ukraine. The important direction will be elaborating the connection with design organizations in Vinnitsa, and first of all with Diprotsyvilprombud. There fore the chair branch is created in this project institute.

Students communicating with experts of design institutes will not only theoretically get acquainted with actual problems of urban constructions but also with work over them during practice, course and degree designing. The important direction of the chair activity is studying of requirements for experts of the urban construction for our region. For this purpose the information about these experts on local and regional levels in the system of territorial management and other institutions which are engaged in urban construction activity is gathering.


Educational base of the chair.


There are such educational functioning laboratories as: Building material technology, Architecture and design, The working trade of the house painter. We continue to in calcite applied programs software, created by our chair staff.